Capgo Resources

The Capgo website has maintained a number of resources that have proven popular with those involved in data acquisition and with engineering students. These resources have been updated and we hope they continue to be of value for their blend of theory, practice and interest.



Temperature and temperature sensors

A popular and comprehensive coverage of practical temperature measurement



Data acquisition manufacturers

Provides a list and web links of manufacturers and their core products and services



Thermocouple calculator

Supports 11 thermocouple types over their full defined temperature range. Reference junction compensation from -45 to 90°C




References to interesting technical measurement articles, books, web sites and academic papers



Temperature sensor manufacturers

A starting point for sourcing more information on specific temperature sensors


Condition monitoring

Introduction to machine condition monitoring, including fatigue, wear, vibration along with analysis methods such as FFT's and rainflow


Measurement theory

Gives you a good practical understanding of measurement as related to data acquisition



Interest stories

Measurement articles, including a brief history of temperature, wind chill and how penguins survive mid winter at -40°C


A quick path to all the sensors covered on this site. Also, includes a sensor glossary